Clos des Pélissous

The purpose of this protocol is to define in detail the measures taken to ensure the health safety of persons, customers, employees or external stakeholders.

Our maintenance and hygiene methods, as well as the organization of the house, are adapted and listed for each “zone” of the house, and each “category” of activity. They will evolve as often as necessary.

A “summary” of this protocol and “practical instructions” for our guests will be placed in each accommodation, or in the spaces concerned.

Common general measures

  • To ensure the implementation of government guidelines and recommendations for the control of Covid-19.
  • To ensure clear communication on all preventive measures against Covid-19 implemented in its establishment(s).
  • To impose the respect of barrier gestures to the staff, service providers and customers.
  • To ensure the implementation and the respect of the management protocols in case of proven case or suspicion of Covid-19.
  • The health and safety referent within our establishment is Lydie Godart.
  • Opening of a reception in the main house whose missions are to: provide tourist information, respond to requests for loan of equipment (games equipment, bicycles …), various reservations (spa, restaurants, canoe …)
  • Supply of hydro-alcoholic gel and disinfectant in each accommodation and in common areas
  • Payment by digital terminal to be preferred and systematic disinfection of these terminals
  • Flow management : Individualized reception of hosts or group of hosts : The reception of our guests is provided by appointment made in advance by phone, in order to guarantee the necessary distance at each arrival. The keys of the accommodations are disinfected.

Principles of cleaning/disinfection between each occupant

  • Vacation between two occupants: For each accommodation, we will observe a minimum duration of holiday between two occupants (minimum 10h (departure in the morning/arrival in the evening). A longer period of vacancy will be observed if possible.
  • Ventilation: All rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 30 minutes before any cleaning procedure and all windows are open during all cleaning operations.
  • Linen: After departure a 3 hour delay will be respected before the linen is taken care of. Disinfection (washing at 60°) of the bags used to transport the dirty linen. Bedding protections changed after each departure and washed at 60° with virucidal additive. Bed linen and towels entrusted to a professional laundry recognized for the severity of its hygiene protocols (ELIS protocols on request) – Transport of clean bed linen and towels in disinfected bins after each transport.
  • Cleaning and disinfection; The cleaning of floors, surfaces and fabrics is carried out with a virucidal disinfectant detergent meeting the EN14476 standards (Sanythol type) and wet cleaning / disinfection will be preferred. Particular attention is paid to the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces (switches, door/furniture handles, chair backs, TV remote controls, tap handles, kettles/coffee makers, hair dryers, clothes hangers, etc.).
  • Before and after each cleaning, the cleaner methodically washes his or her hands with soap for 20 seconds. He or she uses disposable gloves and a masking mask, changed before entering a new accommodation. The equipment used for cleaning is unique to each accommodation and is cleaned afterwards.

Measures for private areas (in full accommodation – “gîte”)

  • Withdrawal or locking up of all the elements that are not essential to life in the accommodation (books, CDs, decoration, carpets, board games, etc.). If possible, we invite you to bring your household linen (tea towels, tablecloth, napkins, potholders).
  • Bedding: sheets, bedding protections (under pillowcases and mattress protectors) as well as duvets are changed between each occupant.
  • We have removed the ironing boards and iron, and limited the number of hangers. They are at your disposal on request and cleaned/disinfected between each use.
  • We have removed the vacuum cleaners that are a source of dispersal of microbes or viruses. Nevertheless we keep these devices at your disposal according to availability – Between each use: disinfected device, changed bags and 24H vacancy respected.
  • We have removed the tourist leaflets and we will give you a personalized envelope containing the main information on your arrival.
  • We leave a sufficient set of crockery in each accommodation on a daily basis and have utensils or items at your disposal that you may need.
  • After each departure, all the dishes are washed on a high temperature programme. After each departure, in addition to the traditional cleaning, we ensure the disinfection of all the dishes.
  • After each departure, in addition to the traditional cleaning, we ensure the disinfection of all surfaces, garbage cans, household appliances and various utensils, as well as outdoor furniture.
  • In each gîte, we provide a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, a bottle of cleaner complying with the EN14476 standard and a roll of towels (to be thrown in the dustbin and not in the toilet).

Measures for private areas (in guest rooms)

  • Removal of elements that are not essential to life in the room (cushions, tourist flyers, carpets…)
  • Bedding: sheets, bedding protectors (under pillowcases and mattress protectors) are changed between each occupants
  • Room maintenance :
    a. For stays of 2 to 4 nights:
    i. The cleaning of the room will be carried out if the occupant requests it and under 3 conditions: that a period of at least 5 hours without access to the room is respected by the occupant(s), that the personal effects (clothes, computers, toiletries…) have been collected and put away, that the windows of the room are open.
    ii. Clean towels, rolls of toilet paper and bathroom garbage bags depending on the duration will be placed in the room at an extra charge. A bag for placing dirty linen will also be present in the room.
    iii. Extra linen will be given daily to those who request it.
    iv. We ask you to keep the same pool towels for the duration of your stay. However, they will be renewed on request if necessary.
    b. For stays longer than 4 nights :
    i. The cleaning of the room will be carried out by appointment and in agreement with the occupant in the middle of the stay and under 3 conditions: that a period of at least 5 hours without access to the room is respected by the occupant(s), that personal belongings (clothes, computers, toiletries…) have been picked up and put away, that the windows of the room are open.
    ii. Clean towels, rolls of toilet paper and bathroom garbage bags will be placed in the room for an additional 4 nights. A bag for dirty linen will also be provided in the room.
    iii. The bag of dirty linen will be picked up in the middle of the living room and clean bathroom and pool linen will be provided again.
  • A bottle of EN14476 cleaning agent and towels (to be disposed of in the rubbish bin and not in the toilet) will be provided in each room.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at reception. An individually wrapped soap bar and a bottle of shower gel will be available in the bathrooms of the rooms and will be renewed if necessary.
  • A regularly disinfected garbage can is placed outside in front of the building for your waste.

Measures for common areas (in guest rooms)

  • Assignment of an interior and exterior table to each room and for the entire duration of the stay, with specific marking. Tables should be 1m apart. Disinfection before re-allocation.
  • Elimination of manipulation of breakfast items by guests. Individual breakfast tray served on request. Bread, pastries, jams, butters on each table. Approximate time of arrival and choice of breakfast items to be completed the day before.
  • Daily cleaning/disinfection of common areas and twice a day disinfection of contact surfaces (handles, ramps, switches, etc.).
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel in the common areas.
  • Remote controls for the TV removed. Available on request at the reception desk. – Disinfection before re-allocation.
  • Closure of the WC in the common room.
  • Access to the common room limited to all members of the same family/group.

Measures common to all accommodation for the swimming pool and other outdoor areas :

Swimming pool, Pool :

  • The pool water is treated with chlorine, which is effective against viruses and bacteria, especially coronavirus. The level of concentration in the water is checked daily and corrected if necessary.
  • The non-submerged parts of the basin (stairs, water line) are brushed daily with chlorinated water.
  • Regular cleaning of the alarm box, depending on the traffic (at least twice a day).

Swimming pool, Beaches :

  • Limitation of the affluence around the pool to 12 people, which corresponds to the accommodation capacity (i.e. 6m² of pool per person at least). In reality, this number is very rarely reached.
  • Posting of the instructions to respect the barrier gestures at the entrance of the pool area, and specific instructions at the reception (alarm, sunbathing, barrier gestures).
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel around the pool.
  • Allocation of sunbathing facilities to each accommodation or room for the duration of the stay, with specific marking. Disinfection before re-allocation.
  • Regular cleaning of the access gate, depending on the number of visitors (at least twice a day).
  • Regular cleaning of the sunshade cranks, depending on the number of visitors (at least once a day).


  • The Jacuzzi is private and is only accessible by reservation.
  • The water in the jacuzzi is changed regularly
  • The exterior surfaces of the hot tub are cleaned after each use (soap & water).

Other shared areas :

  • Entrance and exit of the property by the 111bis route des Pélissous, in order to avoid the manipulation of the gate control ( exit normally by the 6 chemin des merles).
  • Garden games no longer self-service (petanque, mölkki, badminton, ping pong) but available on request at the reception. Cleaning after each use. Removal of the swing.
  • Daily cleaning of the rubbish bin available in the car park. No rubbish bin near the playground.
  • Our cats, Bugs and Bunny: information to the guests at their arrival on the prohibition to let the cats enter the accommodations, and recommendations (immediate hand washing) in case of contact with them (caresses…).

The above describes or complements the measures in place prior to the onset of the pandemic, and will be maintained until further notice.

They are subject to change or adaptation without notice, depending on changes in legislation or scientific or other recommendations.